Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting to happen.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with some great people last week completing this dry stone wall structure.  The Gothic arch pyramid greenhouse was a design I had come up with a long time before it ever was realized. Our client saw it last year and gave us a wonderful opportunity to build it and provided a beautiful space to build it in
It is not often one gets to create something so iconic. 
Not appearing to be reminiscent of anyone else's work or at all derivative of any other specific structure, this unique dual-gabled folly with its diagonally laid stonework looks so convincingly 'right' that it gives the impression of being 'inevitable'. I can't help but think it was merely waiting to be revealed. Thanks to Sean Adcock, Dave Claman, Sean Smyth, Akira Inman and Evan Oxland for helping make it happen.


  1. This is an eceptinal piece of design and craftsmanship. I hope we'll see photos after it is glazed.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I think it will probably remain more of a sculptural piece, suggesting some sort of interior space. It may not need to be set up as a working green house.

  3. Beautiful! You should be very proud of erecting such a one of a kind artistic piece! I'm sure plants would love to grow within this structure!

  4. I have the perfect place for something like this as the gothic motif fits well with the various gothic buildings I have here, great stuff.

  5. Thank you Thud
    Let me know when you want to start building it
    : )

  6. John,

    May have to consult with you. Had been considering a small stone chapel on a recent land purchase for my Mrs., and this design really has inspired my thinking.