Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ready aim fire.

Photos of people taking photos always seem to attract interest. Even if the subject matter is dull it draws you in because the fact that someone is photographing it makes you wonder if there's something you're missing.  I didn't know my photo was being taken as I stooped down to get a close-up of the first fire in our new bake oven we just built in California. It did seem pretty special. It worked well (the smoke rose up the chimney effortlessly, none of it came out the door) and the proportions all worked well visually. The first burn in it was very exciting. So in a way this could have  been a photo which didn't need to include me in it taking a photo of it.

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  1. Could I get a medium, thin sliced pepperoni, double cheese, pesto.......

    That is a work of art!