Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family and Friends Day

Many friends and family of the Landman's gathered at Island Lake in Orangeville Ontario on Family Day February 20th to meet and share a meal outside together and encourage the wallers helping that day to build a special dry stone structure. It was a very festive occasion. The sun was bright and the weather was unusually mild. Along with all these supporters Jordan Mason, Ryan Stannought,  Menno Braam, Evan Oxland, Akira Inman,  Scott Dykstra and a number of other wallers were there participating in the building of this memorial dry stone wall for Eric's wife Kerry. 

The tree pattern is is starting to take shape. Eric estimates this 20  foot long 10 foot high wall will take another 3 weeks to complete. (Doug Bell, Josh Graham, Sean Donnelly and Dean McLellan showed up earlier in the week to help with this project also.) 

Eric and Ryan Stananought came up with this clever 'tree-wall' concept which Ryan then did a rendering of.