Saturday, June 5, 2021

Curve Appeal

 Curve appeal?  Pitching and contouring the granite surface to look like bedrock( Bendrock ?) for the new parking area.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Towing My Cocoon Stone .


My home is never more than a stone‘s tow away. I have made myself a rockreational trailer. It’s not a TraveLite that’s for sure.It’s not a new fangled mortarhome either. It’s more like the Rockwood brand, but without the wood. 

I call it The Cozy Cocoon. It’s made entirely of heavy duty long lasting stones. It has a two and a half foot high circular door opening that leads to a spacious compartment with a six foot, dry-laid, vaulted ceiling. It has surprisingly good ventilation and yet has a very quiet feel to it when you’re  inside. It travels smoothly when I drive carefully but when I tow it fast it’s got a lot of pick up.

I’m looking forward to going on a camping adventure with it soon. It will be exciting to travel down the old dusty cobblestone trail by day, and sleep ‘inside’ my cobblestone trailer by night . And when I’ll pull over late at night I’ll climb into my mobile dry stone home and sleep like a rock. And when I wake up and crawl out I’ll find myself somewhere I’ve never been before , feeling like a totally new person.          

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Think Bolder


It's good to try to think about the plight of our friend the boulder 

It sits around on its own all day, and just gets older 

Alone it's waits so sedentary on the lawn 

Abandoned helpless and forlorn 

Why not have it joined with it's peers, 

and all its younger smaller kin

And in a circle of harmony and oneness,

invite the different sizes in ?

Monday, May 3, 2021

Keep your eyes on the road



Welcoming travellers on the busy 401 highway to the Port Hope area (which has many beautiful dry stone walls and historic brick and stone buildings) is this sign with an example of phoney stonework, which is made, not of brick or stone, but manufactured blocks , but not real blocks , but rather, a photo of blocks, the image being made out of some sort of plasticated vinyl material .

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Problem or Problem Solver?



When we’re searching in a random pile of stones for good ones to build walls with, we sometimes come across unusual rocks that have weird crazy shapes. We've learned to carefully put them aside because, though they look like ‘problems’, they more than likely will turn out to be ‘problem solvers’. It’s magical how often they end up fitting ‘perfectly’ in some troublesome space we thought was going to be impossible to fill. To decide an awkward shaped stone is a problem, is like looking up in the sky and not seeing a silver lining but just a troublesome dark cloud.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 1st 2021 World Naked Gardening Day

After a nice day of gardening in the buff, wouldn't it be great to take a hot outdoor shower in the garden too, surrounded, of course, by undressed stones.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Three Points on Balance


Ultimately, a stone stays ‘balanced’ because it makes contact, not with one, but at least three unique points with the stone below.
These are often infinitesimal 'points' of contact, too small to see, but nevertheless, real. They form a kind of tiny tripod. If there were only two points of contact, the stone on top would fall away.

The dynamic of the tripod configuration creates a magical thing called balance.

Eventually, after an imposed time of being separated from each other, and undergoing a regime of isolation, we too, as a species (if we are not to fall completely off the planet) will need to establish contact again. 
I’m not even sure it’s right to say ‘again’. There’s no indication humans in the past found the kind of balance we are all going to need after what looks like a long period of separation . 
But I suggest there are at least three ‘touch points’ we will need to find when we come out of isolation.
Hopefully when we emerge from our exile there will be a yearning for a totally new kind of social contact.
And we’ll all be willing to create something more dynamic than the artificial glues, toxic cements and manufactured fasteners that we were content to use before. Three important points of contact of this new ‘balanced’ contact, will be emotional, physical, but more especially, metaphysical.

We, like lonely boulders will find ourselves in families.
The discarded piles of stones will come together and discover order and purpose.
The precious shaped buried stones will be unearthed and cherished.
We, like well-placed stones in a garden wall, will no longer be sporadically dotted around indiscriminately.
There will be a pattern of touching, totally different from the self-centred configurations of ‘pointlessness’ we have for too long pretended to be ‘balanced’ in the past.

Monday, April 26, 2021


And I dreamt I saw the boulders being bulldozed in the ground, and they were turning into butterflies beyond our imagination. 

Many of us who work with stone would concur that the expectation that we are due for some sort of mega-metamorphic rock-the-world event, is merely the evidence of the beginnings of a long awaited 'emergence', and that rocks, as in previous stone ages, have a rather big part to play in this cosmic phase shift.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Butterfly Effect

The splitting of hard rocks that are not good or useful enough (we call them caterpillar rocks) - too round mostly, or too thick or are not flat enough, often creates pleasing symmetric shaped stones reminiscent of the paired wing patterns of the insect world.  We call this metamorphosis of lowly rocks into beautiful useful stones - the butterfly effect .