Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baker's fieldguide to oven building. Part 4

We set up an elaborate temporary arrangement of boards in order to accurately establish the points of the peaks at the gables.

Then we ran string lines from the corners of the wall to the peaks to establish the diagonal line of the parapets and then began to lay stone up to these lines.

Plates were mortared into place along the top of both side walls.
After that a 70 inch ridge board was screwed temporarily in place (hung from our temporary frame above the structure). Then we measured and cut the rafters. 

Sheathing (with reflective foil on lower side) was screwed on to the rafters.

 The inside of the oven looked pretty sweet.

We took this night photo two days before the oven was roofed . 

We got impatient and tried cooking a pizza on the small fire we built in the oven that night. Not a good idea. 

Here's a rather fuzzy shot of the finished oven after it was roofed with cement roofing tiles and the site was cleaned up.

Looking back at our original design, we were pretty happy with how close it looked, even with the changes that we felt we needed to make with our time constraints.
It took us 7 days to build.


  1. It's a beautiful design and and an even prettier/more handsome structure!
    A great accomplishishment in such a short time frame!

  2. 7 DAYS!?! Mine took me 4 months. ;-)