Monday, December 13, 2021

Is there a dry stone wall there?


This distant ribbon of morning mist, spreads linearly along the valley, suggests evidence of a wall being there, or rather, having been there, like some lingering apparition of a memory, that now becomes a 'ghost wall' for those that can see it. We pause and consider what kind of other-worldly entity this could be, floating above the earth. The concept of 'spirits' appearing, we thought, usually involves animate or previously living beings, and yet what we are seeing is a wall of lifeless stones that have been gathered (by whom?) and are now returned to the field from the past, or perhaps are visiting here from the future. A thin line of rocks presumably, made of minerals and aggregates of material matter, are formed into a ghostlike strand of misty weightlessness . This is surely a vision of real 'mineral spirits', dissolving our sense of how things should or shouldn't appear.