Monday, February 13, 2012

Shore Thoughts

The sandstone surfaces along this rocky shore near Point Arena are like finely executed watercolours. The stones with their complex patina of colours and shading convey a sense of skill and artistry. They are dappled in sunlight and tinted with the fading hues of evaporation from the receding tide. The textures are eaten away by time and weather. The patterned contours speak of a time when the rocks were free as clouds as they floated in the primordial firmament. They remember in their peeling flesh the far away land forms they have once been part of and new landscapes they will merge into again. Theirs is a reality and purpose waiting to be uncovered in layers. The rocky ocean shoreline is a place to renew ones love of stone and feel small again, small enough to explore between the contours of an imagination bigger than our own.

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