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Thinking With My Hands Is Temporarily Shutting Down For A While To Regroup. 

It will be off line for an undisclosed time.

It's time for a rest.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sand Francisco Bridge

We attended the 9th annual sandcastle festival in Cobourg Ontario yesterday.
Somehow we've always missed this event in the past. This time Maddy and I competed in the adult category.

It's a huge event

There were a lot of really great sand sculptures and although I thought ours could have be executed better the judges awarded it second place in the adult category.

 I think I should have been disqualified. Im still a kid. 

Maddy was great help, especially with the red woods.

I even got a T-shirt

The castles and sculptures will remain on the beach all Sunday so if you're in the area you may like to drop by to see them.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Country Rock

Looking immediately north and east from the rural property where John Bland, Mark and I are working these days you can see lots and lots of country. 

Strange as it may sound, yesterday we kept hearing more and more country from that direction too . 

It's the big four day country and western music festival called 'Boots and Hearts' which is reported to be the largest attended event of its kind ever in Canada. And it's right beside us. 

Funny name for a country music group - Ice and Groceries ?

Boots and Hearting !

Durham Region Daily MultimediaVideoDetailPopup

Do we look like country rock stars ?