Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fractal Gathering

The mathematical generation of natural looking textures, planes and surfaces using fractal geometry creates some very pleasing effects . There is something happening on a similar plane with the introduction of creative dry stone elements into the natural landscape. Exploring the intrinsic patterning of the universe has become an area where the distinctions between detailed computer generated images, the natural order and artistically laid stonework are becoming delightfully blurred.


  1. This is most interesting. I do not have the machinery to do it but what would happen if a small pile of dust were placed on a thin sheet laid on top of a large loudspeaker and the sound was turned on? The speaker cabinet would have to be laid on its back with the woofer or tweeter facing upwards.

    I think these patterns would emerge, perhaps with different patterns depending on the style of music played. Rock tunes might be more 'edgy' that symphonies.

    Something to do on a dreich day when the outdoors are less attractive.


  2. I get this fractal separation when sifting damp casting sands!! shaking the screen, gathers the damp sand into graded balls, just like the image, without the beautiful arrangement