Sunday, July 15, 2018

A bridge is not a dam.

I build bridges. 

Bridges are built so as not to hinder or stifle the course that nature has already taken, no matter how inconvenient that flow seems or how expedient our own course has become.

A bridge does not say to the river, “Stop what you’re doing, I am more important”

A bridge does not block the silent flow of the moment, or the stream of spontaneity or creativity It does not try to impede the activity that goes freely on below, however contrary to the direction we have chosen to go. 

Spanning things (not hindering the flow) is of a higher order than just connecting adjoining purposes. In this respect, causeways are very unsuccessful bridges.

The thing that flows beneath a bridge can often be more important than the bridge itself, or the things it connects.

There are comings and goings of life (of people and situations) that flow constantly across (above or below) our path which we shouldn’t need to criticize or block completely just because they appear different or not useful to our own interests. 

Bridges are the solution to differences of opinion, style, technique, orientation. A bridge is a structural compromise across dynamic flows, not a stagnant stalemate between enemies. There is no need for conflict, no need for 'either or' ultimatums, no need to have the falsework stay there under the bridge blocking the expansive  flow of cooperation and good will ever possible between man and man, or man and nature.