Friday, February 10, 2012

Baker's fieldguide to oven building. Part 3

The second brick arch is completed. The arch is slightly higher than the one in front of the flue to allow smoke to turn up into the chimney.

The smoke will be forced downwards and out of the oven vault through a narrower 21 inch firebrick arch

The flue is directed forward using firebricks to go up and over the stone arch and so allow the chimney to fir within the narrow parapet width of only 18 inches wide.

The vault is covered with refractory cement. Two thermometers have been installed in two bricks which have been pre-drilled to accommodate the probes in the vault .

Perlite is mixed with Portland and sand to create a 'churffy' concrete mix that has a high insulation value

The Perlite concrete is applied to the outer surface of the oven vault.

A second layer of perlite concrete is applied

Three layers of ceramic refractory fibreglass blankets are laid over the vault to retain the heat even more and to create a thermal break with the rest of the masonry.

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