Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Then the rain came.

Immediately after we completed the second wall of the dry stone greenhouse near Mendocino Ca. the rain came.
We put an 18 foot 2 x 8 board across the peeks and draped a 60' by 20' clear plastic tarp over our work space to stay dry, and began pitching the floor with a mixed pallet of tumbled bricks, granite columns, flag stones and red sandstone sticks. 
Our design was based on dividing the floor into four sections and maintaining a symmetry with our materials and out cobbling pattern. The end result was visually stunning which totally surprised us.  Pictures of the finished walls and floor will be posted here tomorrow.


  1. This is an interesting structure. I was wondering: the edges of the structure are perfectly straight, the angle perfectly "angled"...Would the ancient stonewaller people have done the same? Is the perfect straight edge (on anything, not just stone walls)a modern day obssession or did they go for the perfect straight edge too and things have just softened up over time?

    Just idle thoughts really!

  2. Good questions Joel. Im sure the phenomena of the perfect straight edge has aways been the thing that humans have brought to their natural surroundings.