Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Cozy Cocoon

My home is never more than a stone‘s tow away. I have made myself a rockreational trailer. It’s not a TraveLite that’s for sure.It’s not a new fangled mortarhome either. It’s more like the Rockwood brand, but without the wood. 

I call it The Cozy Cocoon. It’s made entirely of heavy duty long lasting stones. It has a two and a half foot high circular door opening that leads to a spacious compartment with a six foot, dry-laid, vaulted ceiling. It has surprisingly good ventilation and yet has a very quiet feel to it when you’re  inside. It travels smoothly when I drive carefully but when I tow it fast it’s got a lot of pick up.

I’m looking forward to going on a camping adventure with it soon. It will be exciting to travel down the old dusty cobblestone trail by day, and sleep ‘inside’ my cobblestone trailer by night . And when I’ll pull over late at night I’ll  climb into my mobile dry stone home and sleep like a rock.And when I wake up and crawl out I’ll find myself somewhere I’ve never been before , feeling like a totally new person.