Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baker's fieldguide to oven building. Part 1

The first step was to dig a proper foundation.

Concrete footings and 8 inch blocks are laid up to form the base.
There needs to be plenty of ledge room to lay stones around the block structure. 

Meanwhile work is done figuring out the span dimensions and angles for the opening.

The vault of the bake oven chamber needs to be 17 bricks across and 5 bricks deep.
Every firebrick is then cut at the proper angle.

Three inches of concrete is poured inside a wooden frame on a prepared base of plywood and rebar.

The herring bone hearth is then laid with refractory cement on the cured concrete platform .
The joints are tight and the surface perfectly level.
The stonework is starting to be laid.
The joints are recessed to give a dry laid look.