Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baker's fieldguide to oven building. Part 2

Next came the hearth stone.We used a reclaimed curb stone from San Francisco. These huge granite chunks were original quarried and chiseled square by Chinese workers in the mid 1800's
The hearth stone is laid on the stonework along the front of the oven and positioned so that it is exactly the right height for firebricks laid on the concrete base to butt up flush. The hearth also has to be overhanging. The eight inch blocks take the unbalanced weight until more stone is added above the hearth.

The herringbone pattern is laid right up flush to the large hearth stone.

The channel for the opening and the throat is ruffed out.

The first firebrick arch is laid. This is built behind, and becomes part of the stone door archway which is built immediately after . The brick arch will eventually not be seen.

We use a small form for two brick archways and the front stone arch opening

The sides to the bake oven are built up and then work begins on the six courses of vaulting. This requires another larger form, able to support one course at a time. A second stone arch is added in front of the first. This arch is larger and allows head space and more storage space on the hearth.

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