Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy Neo Year

And so here we all are on the other side. We are in a different time, period. A 'Neo' Year has now begun – 2020, and with it begins a Neo Decade, and as an emerging race of sentient beings, here's hoping we are entering into a whole Neo Era, too.
There have been many errors in past eras, but that doesn't mean we have to make them over again. 
We can learn from the past. Dark ages can become brighter. We may have made a mess of the Mesolithic period, and yes the Neolithic period kind of got old. 
But I believe there is a 'New'-Neolithic Age coming. – a stone age of the near future that may well make the old Palelithic Age pale in comparison.
A time when people turn forward to stone instead of turn their back on it.
A new Stone Age when humans make peace with this rock we all live on.
A future rock epoch where stone becomes ever more present, instead of merely inert inanimate material we extract from the past. 
Instead of dull old ‘post modernism’, welcome to ‘standing stone futurism’ 
Happy Neo Year Everyone!