Friday, February 17, 2012

Connecting the dots

I slept outdoors last night in the dry stone Gothic arch greenhouse we built  in Gualala California. The air was crisp and cold. The night sky was filled with tiny dots of light. I lay on my back on the cobbled stone floor, staring up waiting for the light show to begin. Nothing. The stars were many but there was no show. No comets. No satellites. No northern lights. Just small specs of light peering back at me in the darkness and profound faraway stillness.

Slowly my eyes began to connect the dots. The brighter stars seemed to reach out and magnetically connect to other stars, creating a cellular patten of imaginary shapes. The night sky very slowly revealed a fascinating web of connectedness. It was as though I was being allowed to detect a purpose and direction to their placement. 

I began to think of our place and purpose on this tiny planet. We are here to connect the dots. Our purpose is to put our ducks in a row- to line up the details, the occurrences, the ideas, the notes, the words and the stones, all in rows.

I saw an imaginary dry stone wall gradually come into focus. 

Such are the marvelous thoughts and wonderful musings that come with spending a night surrounded by dry stone walls . There is a sense of place that comes in a stone enclosure that keeps you connected and makes you feel you are not alone.   


  1. Great entry today John, the drystone constellation image provided a good laugh. Cheers, Christopher - Victoria

  2. Thanks Christopher. Its always good to know when something I've written tickles a funny stone. An, friendly comments are a way of 'connecting the dots' too. The night sky is silent enough, without our not being able to talk to one another and try to make sense of it.