Monday, August 22, 2011

Walling in fields of gold.

You'll forget how slow, that you had to go
As we walled in fields of gold

So she took her stone
For to place awhile
Upon the wall securely
On the ground she knelt, as her wall she built
Among the stones there laid.

Will it stay there still, will it be our wall
For many years that follow?
You will know it does, and its good because
though it's new, it looks so old.

Yes the best walls stay, as they yield to frost
and stand the winds of winter.
Yielding to their fate , yet maintain their shape
as they stand, as years unfold.

There's never any useless stones,
Though there have been some that I've broken
But I swear as in days of old
They will stand all on there own.
We'll build walls from fields of stone.

Many years have passed since these walls were made
And packed and filled with hearting
We were children then, now we start again
and build walls as days of old.
We'll share memories, we've made walls like these
of stones, from fields and quarries.
And the work is fun, who can tell us why?
All the stones we hold
Lifted, carried, rolled
Become walls in fields of gold.


  1. Great shot John, and a clever parody.

    Sadly the end of this wall belongs more to another song...

    All along the road allowance

    "We need to get this wall out of here,",
    said the County Engineer to the Roadworks Chief.
    "It causes me so much confusion,
    to not use mortar beggars belief!
    You say they erected it with masons line,
    Raw stones set upon the earth,
    Though to my eye it looks completly fine, I just don't know how to measure it's worth"

    "No reason to get excited,"
    The waller he kindly spoke
    "Depending upon steel and concrete
    is just one of modern engineerings little jokes
    But a bunch of us, well we're not like that.
    To blindly use mortar is not our fate
    So let us not talk of destruction now, that wall is looking great!"

    All along the county road allowance
    roads supervisors took a narrow-minded view.
    Come winter perhaps a plow blade might end up bent:
    Never mind the tree that they'd first have to go through!

    Outside in the cold distance
    a public works crew did prowl.
    Bulldozers were approaching
    and the waller began to howl....

  2. Thanks Scott. Wonderful reworking of the song, and the wall.