Monday, August 8, 2011


At 'Rocktoberfest', our annual Canadian festival, wallers come from all over Canada the US Britain and Ireland to share their knowledge and also help build some amazing dry stone structures, This October we plan to build a dry stone amphitheatre into the side of a hill during this four day event at Hart House Farm, a conference facility owned by the University of Toronto in the Caledon Hills north of Toronto Ontario.

Check out ROCKTOBERFEST 2011 for more details as the date for this event draws closer.


  1. I like it a lot John. The only comment I would make is that I think acoustically and visually it would be better for the audience if you moved the arched entrance to the side of the paraskenia. Like paradoi in the old greek or roman theaters. /Scott

  2. Maybe have two arches then. One either side of centre.