Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the surface.

I've read that if you you could somehow enlarge a billiard ball to the size of the earth it would have higher mountains and deeper canyons on its surface than any rugged terrain or landscape on our world.

I really cant believe this is true. But there it is.

Theoretically then if you shrunk the earth it would make a fantastically smooth billiard ball. One that might not stop moving after breaking the rack until well after all the other balls on the table had stopped rolling.

I wonder what the textured surface of the stone ball in this photo might reveal if it were blown up many times until it was the size of the earth? Maybe there would be landscapes beyond the wildest imagination of any science fiction writer on earth. Canyons that double back in under each other and form Möbius caves and stringy hairy mountains that tie themselves into rugged 50 mile high knots? Maybe there are the equivalent of rivers and ancient sea beds too, only distorted and stretched to beyond any kind of human scope.

There is so much we don't know about what goes on just on the surface of a rock. Imagine what goes on below.

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