Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A card of a different suit.

This card was given to me by my daughter Carolyn on the occasion of my birthday. Inside the card simply read 'You Rock !' It was a nice thought and funny photo for sure. After thinking about it more though it seemed to me that the guy in the birthday suit deserved a better caption, one more suited to the subject matter.

I invite readers to come up with titles that capture the impact of this image better. The card caption doesn't have to be a birthday greeting at all. Perhaps it could say...

"Let's start building a bridge so we can get back across the river to get our clothes?"


"You know, stones feel a lot lighter when you're naked."


"I found a prettier rock but it was a bit too small to bring back here with me."


  1. Rocktoberfest 2011
    October 7, 2011 - October 10, 2011
    - A must see!

  2. between a rock and a ...