Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sphere in motion.

We live on a sphere. It is constantly in motion. It is mostly ocean. The fish are in a liquid sphere dance of swirling symmetry. Has this display of oceanic choreography well below the surface been orchestrated by some sentient being? The shape is beautifully executed the performance is breathtaking. The pattern is ever changing, constantly seeking a three dimensional form and geometry, yet it is only an imaginary shape, a virtual whole created by a multitude of living parts.

The sphere transforms and moves in time and space. It is temporal. There is nothing concrete about this spontaneous installation. There is nothing cemented together. Apart from the video clip there is nothing that remains of this creative composition.

Surely this is a celebration of sorts? A whimsical fitting together without rhyme or reason.

I would like to join in this kind of dance. I can almost hear music floating this way from somewhere off in the distance. I would like to take part in a dry stone event where people who hear the music come together to try to build something beautiful and temporal, just because they can. Maybe at this year's Rocktoberfest we can start the ball in motion.

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  1. Very cool video! Nature is amazing in all its forms. The earth itself is actually considered to be a spheroid. The two axes of our planet are of different lengths. Because of the rotation and gravity, there is a bulge along the equator that represents a 43 km difference between the axes. Geometry plays such a huge role in life and nature. It's pretty amazing really.