Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loan Circles

My daughter has been collecting lots of her ( and ours, that we lent her ) change over the last few years and yesterday she wrapped it all. She thinks it's hers now.

The brown paper tubes when they're neatly packed are remarkably heavy and feel like they want to be stacked somehow.

So I made a little free-standing coin circle. Or would that be a high priced one?

I will call it Coinhenge perhaps? I think that I had the Clonehenge site in mind when I made it.

It's not in mint condition I know but it still might be worth depositing inside a bank (a kind of monetary earthworks site?)

I wonder if the early builders of any kind of similar coinhenge ever 'with-druid' when ancient times got tough?

Anyway I got a note back from Nancy to say they would be posting the picture on their site sometime in the future, and that I was definitely "on a role".