Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Be careful what you don't wish for.

A CBC pilot TV show called 'Wish List' is being fimed in our town this month.

Mary Walsh of This Hour Has 22 Minutes is in it.

The pilot, directed by Stuart Gillard, portrays a 30-something wife (and mother) who decides to reconnect with her daughter and her late husband's mother.

Port Hope plays the fictional southern Ontario town of Findley.

The homegrown drama follows the wife and daughter and mother-in-law on a road trip in which the three arrive in a small town where there is a wishing well in the park that they throw coins in to and make... you guessed it – wishes.

After Sam, the daughter, steals the coins, all three women are condemned to make amends by staying in the town, which might be bad enough except they are also required to grant wishes, no matter how big or small to the towns people. Lucky them.

As they attempt to realize the town's requests, the three women learn that their own dreams can be realized in the most unexpected ways and places.

My wish would be that instead of fabricating a temporary cardboard wishing well in the park they would have forseen a better looking less costly option – that of having us come and build them a nicer one out of real dry laid stone. Oh well.


  1. pls what mortar was used in the construction of this well/fountain? looks amazing.

  2. I don't think it was mortar at all as it looked more like cardboard or paper mache´
    Perhaps the gaps were done with caulking or some sort of plaster compound.