Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trying out the space.

Our work preparing the foundation for the dry stone amphitheatre went well on the weekend.
Thanks to Steve and Louise and their daughters, Brent, Mike, Chris and Colin. At the end of the day there was a clearly defined three-tiered thirty foot diameter hole in the side of the hill. The drainage tile was laid in place and the ten yards of gravel was spread.

Some of us sat on the earth shaped benches and tested the space and the seating height. The proportions seem right. The area should be perfect for outdoor gatherings and small music concerts.

I sit in the director's chair ( barber's chair actually, that Steve found at the dump) and look out over the final results.
I coaxed some stone stand-ins to come and assemble on the stage for a preliminary performance. They seemed to enjoy just sitting and taking in the space. Stones are like that.

It is my hope that the rocks will end up being the star performers at this year's Rocktoberfest and hopefully attract the crowds when the amphitheatre structure is completed.


  1. I am so looking forward to taking part in this years festival.Long may these events continue going from strength to strength.To quote JSR "stones gather people".

  2. best wishes on this exzciting project

  3. Thanks Norman. Thanks Cindy. Stones DO gather people. I'm so glad to be involved in their line of work.