Sunday, August 7, 2011

The nature of balance.

Spent an enjoyable day at a bocce golf tournament held on a lovely wooded property east of Parrytown Ontario yesterday. The course wound along the banks of the Ganaraska River.

I did a bit of stone balancing in the morning (see above) and the idea kind of caught on to the point that just about every one was doing it between games throughout the day.

There is something very satisfying about standing in a river, patiently letting your hands discover a way to balance random stones picked from below the surface of the water. There are any number of worthwhile things you learn about yourself and about rocks, and the nature of balance and the balance of nature.


  1. John - I hike as often as I can, alone or with friends. i have developed a habit of always leaving a cairn behind, my personal art in public places contribution. I always wonder how many others actually notice it and how long it lasts....built one today on the Profile Trail in Linville, NC thanks for sharing this story.

  2. That's great Cindy. What would you say is the definition of a cairn.Do stacks of temporarily balanced stones come within that definition?