Friday, May 30, 2014

Early Irish Christian Church

While I was away out west I had the opportunity to work with other professional masons on a structure Patrick McAfee designed based on historical stone buildings he has researched in Ireland. This was one of the projects we worked on at the 2014 StoneFest in Seattle. Here below are the drawings and plans he sketched and photos of the work at several stages of completion on this unique Irish Stone Church.

Mortar trials - 
Patches of different mixtures of lime mortar are tested for setting strength and hardness.

Tarped in.

Once decided upon the clay-based lime mortar needs to not dry too fast or get rained on.

Patrick describing the project to visiting architects and various people in the stone industry

 Tomas Lipps stone cutting in the foreground

 The work in progress

Temporary roof to allow mortars to harden properly.