Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gone over the bridge

In early May of 2013 (nearly a year ago to the day) I had the great honour of taking Farley to see the dry laid bridge I and some friends built north of Cobourg, Ontario back in in 2004. He walked over it and stood quietly for a long time and then announced that he was a great lover of things built of stone.

Good Bye Farley.

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  1. He was such a recognizable face in literature. A wonderful story teller that spoke truths about Canada. - Not always the truths that people wanted to read. An environmentalist before it was trendy to be called as such, I think he knew that humans were a pretty selfish lot and perhaps he lost a little faith in our future along the way.
    He's writing will be missed. But his present books will be treasured.
    Perhaps a Dry Stone Open Book would/could be a fantastic tribute to Farley Mowat.
    It could double as a place to sit and read.