Friday, May 2, 2014

Day Four at Balsam Lake

Farley agreed to pose for a photo at the restored Laidlaw stone. (waiting still for the lettering to be redone)

 The big push yesterday. Nicer weather. Lots of stones laid. Lots of good conversation about things that are happening "on the rock pile" - Other jobs - Facebook - Blooms - Festivals etc.  
Some of the Balsam Lake Team 

Skilled guys (who are also easy to get along with) like Sean Donnelly, Kenny Davies and John Bland are the reason I still enjoy walling so much. Confidence with a refined sense of humour is an unbeatable combination. These guys have a good perspective on what proper walling is and choose to take the positive view rather than criticize. 

I am encouraged by this, and by the fact that in Canada there is still predominately a happy community of professionals. Walling in this country though a relatively new craft has, for the most part, maintained a different vibe from the cold unfriendliness of the masonry trade. (I was a mason for many years and I know that scene, and I don't miss it !).  

I would say to anyone thinking about getting into it, that walling is still 'taking off' in Canada and well worth being involved in.

John Bland took this panorama shot on his iphone of the 120 feet of wall which we have completely taken down and carefully rebuilt. It just needs all the copes put back today.