Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nick Aitken's Book

Master waller with the DSWA, Nick Aitken, after many years of work and research has nearly finished  compiling and editing a comprehensive book of terms, definitions descriptions and quotes about our trade. 

At Stonefest this week in Seattle, Nick lent me his rough draft (no photos or diagrams) of over 300 pages of fascinating information, including quirky walling phrases, poems, lists and obscure definitions. 

I had time to pick a few gems out to post here to tweak your interest, if you aren't already on the edge of your seat with anticipation. 

An ImpressiveTable of Contents.

Nick hopes to have the book published soon. There is still time to send him walling terms that you know of that may not yet be included in the book. He asks that you send them to . Anyone wishing to help Nick finance the publishing of this important book please get in touch with him at that address.

There is even a chapter on derogatory names we give to stones that don't cooperate.

There are some tales of promiscuity here and there

And a few choice words here and there about 'art' and how years of experience provides freedom to do things differently and avoid the restrictions otherwise imposed on us through the various attempts made over the years to 'standardize' our trade.