Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stonework Symposium 2014

August 19- 24

This, the 13th annual gathering of the stone ëtribeí will provide  interesting and informative presentations and demonstrations, communal activities, congenial discourse, camaraderie.
    There will also be workshops, field trips, games, great picnic lunches on the coast, fireside suppers.
    The Symposium venue, the Schoodic Education and Research Center, is a conference center like a small college with a wooded campus bordered by a stony seacoast. Lodging, both residential and dormitory is ample and affordable so for the first time the Symposium will be contained and cohesive, like a little village.

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  1. ëtribeí or, in English, tribe. Yes, we stonefolk are a tribe, and this is our annual pow-wow, the 13th annual gathering. To anyone who has not yet attended one we offer a 25% discount. Check it out.