Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happily Lower After


I usually am a great advocate for building tall walls. In fact the taller the better. Last year we were asked to shorten a section of flat coped wall that I had built continuing along an entrance way to very pretty property. (The rest of the walls were coped.) Yesterday I reluctantly shortened that flat section by about a foot. (I wish I had taken a better before picture.) 


To my surprise when I stood back at the end of the day I thought lowering the wall actually improved the look. What do you think?


  1. I think it looks great. I've got this "bug" about making walls tall too- maybe it's because the uninitiated public seems more amazed and enthused. People seem to think anything over 2 feet tall can't be dry laid. I was bummed out that the city zoning only allowed me to build a 3 foot tall cobble wall but passerby's were raving about it's beauty and marveling at the dry laid construction upon completing just the base course.

  2. Either way looks great to me. I envy your talent any you are a Master of the art of dry stoning.

  3. It brings the view into a much more visually attainable space. It now lends itself to wanting to find out more whats beyond the wall and at the same time adds a nice framework to the view.
    Ilike thecontrast of cope stones styles too.