Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Scottish Terracer Rock

The Scottish 'Terracer' is a bold compact rock that exemplifies strength in a small package–a focused and thoughtful rock whose determination to hold up its own weight, while at the same time catching anything pushing out from the ground, makes this a superb retaining wall material.

This building bundle is staunchly self-reliant, though course and crusty at times. Like the terraces they were designed for, the Scottish Terracers are built lower to the ground and have tremendous staying power. Walls made with Scotties are built more for structure than for long-distance. These rocks make for walls that swallow up squirrels and chipmunks with rollicking enthusiasm.

Steadfastly loyal to their wallers's intentions the Scottish Terracers can make intimidating barriers. They should be introduced to other rocks at an early stage and not allowed to be sharp. Otherwise they can be scrappy with other rocks.

To not trace along the wall with this kind of rock is a challenge, for no breed of rock has higher self-esteem or a stronger will to lie long-ways rather than sit obediently nestled into the wall -- this is not a rock for wallers who will easily compromise their standards. Firm, consistent placement is a must, for the Scottie Rock is proud, sensitive, and easily put out. He may retaliate if jerked or pushed too far with rough handling.

If you strike a Terracer and you go beyond what they believe is a fair dressing down, they are more likely than other breed of rock to bounce back or snap. Terracers are apt to "return pain" if they "receive pain." Be extra careful when putting your hands on them to try to alter their disposition.

'Standoffish' by nature Scottish Terracers make bad foundation stones or pavers, and so need extensive exposure higher up in the wall . Even then Scotties may sometimes jump out of a wall for no reason and go down right nasty.

While Scottish Terracers proportions are well defined and impressively modular they can be scrappy with other rocks of the same specs .

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  1. I've worked with these ones. Very reliable indeed, but ya need to keep an eye on them... if one becomes a bit tipsy he can become quite unpredictable, then the others join in!!