Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Water Under The Bridge

The relaxing sound of water accompanies this short slideshow of photos of Kay's Bridge taken by John MacLeod around March 11th 2011 after a couple days of rain. The water flows freely under this dry stone bridge which we built last October at the DSWAC Rocktoberfest event held in Landon Bay Park near Gananoque Ontario.

We first visited this Canada Parks Biosphere property over a year ago to see about building a dry stone bridge there for our four-day international dry stone walling festival and coincidently that day the creek level was at the highest John had ever seen it.

John showed us the place where he thought a bridge would look good and I took a few pictures.
The sound and sight of the rushing water was quite spectacular.

Later that week I took some time and did this preliminary rendering of what a bridge might look like there, to use in promotional material to advertise the special October bridge building event. I just went back in my files and found this picture and am pleased to see that it's not that far off what it actually ended up looking like. The volume of water in both pictures is about the same.

Maybe the rails on the drawing are not the same and the arch is not as flat as the one we ended up building but everything else is pretty much water under the bridge.

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