Friday, March 18, 2011

Brutal Standards

Let's look at the Standard Brutal Rock. This is a chunky breed of rock of medium-large to very large dimensions. It comes in a variety of colors. It is a rock that you will want to think twice about bringing home. It may look lighter than a Boulder Collie and fairly easy going, but it isn't. It has an irregular shape which coupled with it size can make it quite a challenge to handle. The Standard Brutals got their name for a reason. They like to have you wrestle with them and they are generally not very obedient either. The Standard Brutal Rock is one of the smartest of all breeds. He is a "thinking" rock who pays attention to his owner, learns quickly, and then resists whatever you are trying to do.
The Standard Brutal is by no means perfect or low-maintenance. They usually need a good deal of chipping and shaping. You need to do this in the field because 'housebreaking' them in the back yard can make a lot of rubble. Standard Brutal Rocks need a lot of daily companionship. They suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety if left alone too much.
When you do get it home you will want to put it somewhere low to the ground. Be careful that his presence doesn't cause conflict with some of the smaller rocks, especially where they are in a pack together. Remember this intelligent breed cannot simply sit in the backyard and be ignored.
Most Standard Brutals are sensitive rocks for their size, sometimes even hypersensitive. If you push them unexpectedly or startle them they tend to move quicker than you think. They could hurt you. These rocks if left sitting awkwardly on their own are not good with small children. Similarly Standard Brutals can get upset if there's too much activity or conflict or roughhousing in your neighborhood -- they prefer peace and harmony. Many Brutals together make a powerful wall but make sure they all fit in — you do have to watch your lines: some Brutal lines are high-strung. Ones that get seriously out of line should be put down.

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