Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rocker Spaniel.

The Rocker Spaniel can not be left alone all day. Even though they have such a happy playful nature and can 'occupy' themselves anywhere, if you want them to stay that way you will still need to exercise yourself to keep them from wiggling and shimming back and forth.

When it's 'localized' (having found or been placed in a good home) the Rocker Spaniel is submissive and pliable. They do have a short expansion span however . At other times they can become too responsive. You may have difficulty training them in a course with other rocks of the same size. The Rocker may simply turn everything into an opportunity for 'roll playing'.

Rockers need to be brushed up against bigger stones.This works both ways as it makes the really big ones less erratic. The Rockers often need clipping too. They squirm a lot and have a distinctive rocky order which, in a wall can make it unbearable. Don't believe the bad hype about these rocks, however. A high-persensitive of them are not the crazy movers and shakers that they are laid out to be. But you do have to be careful not to give them any wiggle room because they don't like being far away from other rocks or given too much space in a wall. You have to make sure they 'stay' exactly where they're supposed to.

Young Rocker Spaniels have a nervous disposition in masonry and may not be able be dry stones all the time, but eventually they will stop having accidents


  1. What about Bull Massive (Bull-Mastiff) and Slateland Collie (Shetland Collie)?

  2. Yes, these are both interesting breeds of rock that fit somewhere in wall of this.