Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bright ideas

People in a record 134 countries and territories across the globe will switch off their lights for an hour today in a unified show of support for action towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Earth Hour is not just about turning off the lights for an hour.
It's about 'turning on' to earthy materials again instead of wasting the earth with fabricated bye products.
About not relying on stuff that doesn't last and can't be reused without doing even more harm to the planet.
About looking at the basic stuff of 'earth' in a new light.
About not filling land fill sites with stuff that doesn't need to be buried.
About reducing the other useless stuff that we throw away at the dump.
About returning to materials like stones and rocks that you can reuse recycle indefinitely.
About valuing something that we've been burying, grinding, pulverizing, smashing, tossing and ignoring for too long.

1 comment:

  1. Read the final sentence and thought about the casual indifference and carelessness with which we treat the world (including our fellow man).
    Here's to a better kinder and more responsible future!