Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bred Rock

Don't stop hunting until youve found the perfect rock.....
The Rock Hound needs you to help it find the best spot in the wall.
The Rock-waller is the newer chunkier stronger American version of the British Stone-waller.
The Boulder Collie is always looking for a job like holding up a cheek-end or working with a Shepherd stone to keep sheep incloser
The Boxer stone likes to help out with the shape of walls square he can
The Irish Stone Setter is eager and faithful but also has a will of its stone
The Great Pyramid Rock is large and triangular. It's likes to help you scheme
The Greyround will race other rocks to be in the wall
The Pekigneiss is a rock that doesnt like to be taken for granite
The Pointer rock makes an enduring standing stone.
The Ridgeback is useful for coping.
The Schist Tzu needs to be laid along its Tibeting plain
The Wallmariner makes a good break-water or sea-wall.