Saturday, March 12, 2011


Life is about regrouping - putting things back together.

It's basic mass.

It's about carrying and carrying on. Its about addition and subtraction.

Its about caring and being cared for.

It seems the stuff of life needs to be broken down again and again and then, rearranged.

The breaking down can be exhilarating or devastatingly painful.

The building up can be creative or completely draining.

The basic elements are lying scattered all around in various forms of three-dimensional matter.

In the rubble we discover some of the lowest common denominators.

The parts are smaller than any fraction of the whole.

The particles will settle eventually and then start the process of rearranging themselves.

They invite us to join them. And rejoin them in a basic rebuilding process.

They are the real stuff of life.

The challenge becomes determining what else is real, and then putting those pieces back together too.

Regrouping is about life.


  1. Strong words as I prepare for a funeral of a dear friend and try to make sense of life. Thanks John.

  2. Thanks John. If anyone is going to make any sense of it, Im thinking it's going to be you.