Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thinks like a rock.

Hi John
Still trying to source enough 'pre-made' hearting for the workshop coming up this weekend. However I also have had someone volunteer to come and 'make' hearting on Saturday. Mark Lovell was a student during the first week of last year's dry stone bridge course in Russell. Deep voiced, bald fellow. Nice guy. Is this ok by you? Having someone volunteer to do the labour-intensive job of making hearting during the workshop sounded like a pretty good deal to me.

Hi Scott
Yes that's great. I remember Mark. He's a great guy. look forward to seeing him again. I recall he balanced stones with the children at the 2008 festival when we were building the beehive hut and he built this neat arch with them. He certainly loves stones. Thinks like a rock. I have this picture of him (the back of his dusty head and this rock next to it ) when he was working at the bridge course . The comparison is kind of re'mark'able.

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