Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stone Story 1

A round rock and a square rock went for what was not a very fast roll one fine year. The square rock was having trouble keeping up.
"You are rolling far too quickly for me my dear."
" Am I ? " she replied.
" Yes, " he said rather straight faced " I wonder if you could slow down the pace a bit ?"
" We will never get there if we don't get a roll on. "
" That's fine for you to say. It's not so easy for me to rock and roll the way I used to, you know. I would really prefer to stop for breaks now and then. "
" Who has time for breaks anymore? " she asked, as she spun around and faced him " If we rocks want to make it and get ahead in this day and age, we have to be movers and shakers. We have to make use of every eon that we are given. In any case, you know as well as I do that it's much harder to get going again after you've stopped."
" I know I know, it's just that one misses so much, tumbling along at this speed."
" Misses things like what, the ground?" she asked rockingly
" Not just that, there's the beautiful view over there, the grass, the trees, and the sky,- look at that sky ! "
" Oh you're such a square." she said tenderly and smiled at him, as if to say in her own round about way 'I still love you, you old block head' .
He, not seeing her face, just carried on.
" Why do we need to rush anyway? There's sure to be a place for us in the wall when we get there"
" Did you forget what happened nearly two millennia ago to your cousin rocky ?" she asked in a less nice 'stone of voice'.
" I do, I do, but it was his own fault." the square rock replied as he came round the corner. " He was dying to get into Hadrians wall, but they didn't want to use him because he looked like a trouble maker."
" He was too late, too. The wagon was already full of volunteers" she reminded him. " You can be in great shape, but if you don't show up on time you're gonna miss the stone boat."

To be continued.

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