Monday, July 19, 2010

The new 'Insta-wall', The instructions on the rocks say "Just add waller"

Scott and Cindy Cluett got a new wall over the weekend. A couple of us from the DSWAC drove 3 1/2 hours from Port Hope to their property near Crysler Ontario and helped teach walling participants how to build a free standing dry stone wall. Wilder and Mark joined us from the Ottawa area. Larry and Corrine came in from Russia ! Ben and Martine from down the road in Russell and Doug joined the party from Kanata, Ontario. By the end of the second day there was a tall section of beautiful dry stone wall completed along Morewood Road for people to see when they drive by.

As Joe and I drove back late Sunday, after having spent the whole weekend away helping build the Cluett's wall, we discovered that pretty much every thing looked the same, back in Port Hope. On the other 'hand', people driving back to Ottawa down county Rd 13 after spending the weekend in say, Port Hope, won't be saying 'nothing much changed around here since we were away'!


  1. What a great advert for our trade

  2. Just add waller, and after it is risen, add topping, and then leave it outside to continue improving its appearance and taste.