Saturday, April 21, 2018

Valuable Change Part 5 of The Impatient Rock

Those who hope day after day for a change, for something better, know how frustratingly slow it sometimes comes, if at all. It seems like all the stars in heaven have to align for anything to improve.

Good intentions, self improvement books, motivational videos, different diets and exercise schemes are not enough. There has to be some other magical ingredient, some brief moment, some kind of monumental coincidence, where in the sighing cosmos condescends to allow for an opening, within a ridiculously small envelope of time, for change to take place, in an otherwise immutable universe.

Timing is indeed everything. Everything except reliable.
Good luck trying to find some change when you need it, or be in the right place at the right time. Presuming to try make things happen alone, without waiting for real change, is futile.

Change is as illusive, as it is real. It is a precious thing. 

For some, change seems scary. 
They moan about every new thing that change brings. 
If people ever thought about how rare it was, they wouldn’t complain about it so much. 
They wouldn’t try to avoid it or attempt to force it – change is transcendental!

Better to try to appreciate it, even if its taking too long or happening too fast.
The world is blessed with change. It makes a world of difference. 

Consider now by contrast, the perpetual plight of poor rocks.
The chance of any kind of change occurring within the extent any of their geological strata is just about nil.   

Time in their world is so elongated, so protracted, change effectively doesn’t exist.

True some rocks might have come across the concept of change in some long forgotten archives of their mythology.
But none are able to remember any evidence, or discern any effect, of it. To them, change is an illusion. To them, to pretend to believe in change is delusional.

And yet, the impatient rock in our story longed to discover change. He desired it more intently than those in any civilization in the past have sought to find gold.

Yet the rock somehow knew the treasure was within. 

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