Friday, April 20, 2018

Knowing the difference Part 4 of The Impatient Rock

There is good impatience, and there is bad impatience.
Impatience with your circumstances or with others does not usually turn out well.
Impatience with your self can be positive. 
While it may seem like the cause of a problem, it also has the potential to be the solution too. 
Anticipation and expectancy are positive spin offs of impatience. These are signs of hope.

Most rocks don't look impatient,though maybe some could be described as looking a bit bored.
It would seem reasonable however that rocks might be bored 
And yet even if they were bored, how would we know it?
We can't see what's going on inside.

The rock in our story is anticipating an alternative that transcends the normal consistent rocklike state of waiting

Our rock, unlike the others, looks outwardly impatient, but he is not bored. 
Our rock, unlike the others, is looking inwardly impatiently anticipating something.

This is a rock in a somewhat altered state.
He has entered a state of anticipation. 

The unbearable sameness of being leaves him no other choice but to search for (and accept, and own up to) some inconsistency within. To discover some discontinuity in a universe of sameness. 

This is the beginning of wisdom for him.
The rock has in fact begun exploring a new order. 
It involves a coming to grips with his own inconsistencies, his own faults, his own gaps.

He is ready for change.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your self-reflective 'rock thoughts' John... Please keep going.