Friday, April 6, 2018

The handle is always the one that goes.

Photo by Mark Ricard

The handle is always the one that goes. 
It slips away,
it breaks from the weight. 
And so the head is now destined to wait. 

The head's handle is 'no longer', so the head is no longer able to move. 
No longer useful. 

The head needs the body. 
While it may continue to exist alone, and try to be 'cool', it has no ability to function alone.

The head and body could have got along better?
More snug maybe? 
Or maybe the handle wasn't strong enough? 
Or maybe somehow, it was the head's fault? 

I could take time and refit the heads with handles, but I don't. I buy another. I can't wait. 

My head is in another place.

Note to self - 
Try to get a grip. Stay connected. 
Don't just be cool with things the way they are.
Be strong, but don't blame the body.

Time is precious.