Thursday, April 19, 2018

A River of Sameness Part 3 of The Impatient Rock

Rocks discern things differently from us, in that they don't discern differently. Everything is appreciated to be the same. 

Things are never 'once upon a time' in the world of rocks. They are always. This is not a problem for most rocks. Differentiation is not important. Their world is one. The now is everything, and things need not be separated. Things stay the same.

This is a hard thing for us to understand. It’s more like how we see a river, in that we don't see a difference. What we call a river is seen to be a continuously existing thing. It looks pretty much the same each time we go there to look at it. And yet, those molecules of water that made up the thing we still call the river are no longer there!

The 'river' is merely a timeless, continuously flowing. The current, that we perceive as always being there, is only an 'occurrence'. It's all the same. 

For rocks, occurrences do not necessarily have to occur in time. They can just be concepts in space . In this manner, the same way we perceive a river, from the position of rocks, everything occurs to be unchanged . Everything.  

Rocks by the way, are all part of that same river. They are all one – all the same. 

How is it then, that our rock is so intent, so impatient, to be free from this river of sameness – to discover a place where something, anything, is different, or perhaps a 'time' that is not always the same? 

There has to be an alternative to sameness, he thought to himself. Otherwise something is missing.

For anything to be complete it must contain its own antithesis.   George Feuerstein

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