Monday, April 9, 2018

More on the Wall

An amazingly talented five man team of wallers including Stephen Allen and Maxwell Nowell completed Goldsworthy’s Storm King ‘Wall’ in 1998 using approximately 1,579 tons of fieldstone. I read somewhere that this 2,278 foot long art installation was built in less than three months. However long it took to build, and/or however fast it was built, it obviously was constructed well, because it gives no evidence of slumping or coming apart anywhere (except perhaps where ice freezes and moves some of the top stones as the tails of the wall descend into the pond) . 

The meandering path of the wall (indicated by orange lines below the actual wall which can be seen in this satellite  photo) was first traced out by Andy as he determined where its curving loops were to crisscross over some of the original line of the remains of an much older wall which was made with stones cleared off the land some 200 years ago.

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  1. Truly a magnificent collaboration, over the centuries...