Friday, April 27, 2018

The Rock Of Changes Part 6 of The Impatient Rock

If the rock in this story were not so completely impatient, so perfectly poised in cosmic readiness, he, along with all geological matter, might still be in a frozen state of waiting.

But all this waiting was destined to end.
The door to the temporary was about to open, and one very impatient rock was about to enter. 

Understanding of any of this, might best be summed up this way...

In order for things to change, the order of all things has to be able to change. This must include the possibility of a reversing of polarity of the temporal and the permanent. 

For this to happen, past and future existences have to be allowed not to exist. 

If it is true, that 'all things must change', then 'entropy', that principle by which everything in our universe winds down to a state of disorder and neutrality, at some point gives way to an unprecedented 'reversal' of such complexity and dimension, that all other previous and future possibilities of change come to an end.

Rocks contain the most potential to manifest this totally unique phenomena, in that they have resisted change for so long. 

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