Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Wheelbarrow Parade

A lot of wheelbarrow loads of stone went into Farley's boat roofed house

Of the forty tons of stone that went into making the original boat roofed house, all of it went back into the construction of the new boat.

Besides everyone who brought their own wheelbarrow, the Farley Mowat Boat parade required the renting of over two dozen wheelbarrows from Rent-alls from Port Hope and neighbouring towns

The wheelbarrows and people gathered first at the old site to here the dignitaries speeches.

The pipers led the way, about a km through Port Hope, to the new site.

This was perhaps the longest and heaviest wheelbarrow parade Canada has ever seen. It spread over three blocks.

Certainly the Sunrise Rotary Club had the floweriest float

All the infill stones were emptied, one wheelbarrow at a time, into the boat

Georges is seen here emptying my old beat up solid-wheel wheelbarrow into the hungry hull. 

Young and old had to walk the wheelbarrow plank.

The wheelbarrows had loads of fun.

Many of them gathered after the parade to watch the last row of stones go on the boat.