Saturday, October 22, 2016

A garden needs bones.

This garden in Truro at the University of Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture is going to get a some 'bones' added to it

Bones are the solid elements of a garden that are visible even in winter

First come the heavy chunky sandstone wall shoulders. These were reclaimed from an old stone building in Truro that was taken down many years ago.

Then ten or twenty random tons of sandstone 'Wallrock' from The Wallace Quarry are maneuvered onto the site. This is the very same stone used in the rebuilding of the Parliament building in Ottawa after the fire of 1816.

These bigger stones will make a strong wall. They're moved with a big tree dolly. They will form the uprights to form a kind of upright skeleton for the Feidin wall.

All the bones of the wall are laid out in preparation for the workshop we are running this weekend. 

While they are not as light as the the plastic gravestones people decorate their lawns with, it does look a bit like we're getting ready for Halloween.